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Apache Tomcat is an open source web server by Apache Software Foundation. Apache Tomcat is used to host Java server pages and Java Servlet. Basically its a Java web server. Its a well matured web server and largely used in

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Git is a free and open source version control system. Its very easy to use and very popular version control system which handle small and large projects very efficiently.  Whereas GitHub is a hosting place to host your source code

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Installing MySQL and then running is not same as you are installing and running MySQL on windows. When I first time installed MySQL on Mac I was not getting any clue how to start it. I am writing down the

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Installing Maven on MAC OS

I am setting up my new MAC pro for Java development. As I am new to MAC, I find issues while installing and configuring JAVA_HOME variable. Finally I got the solution and I explained in my JAVA_HOME post that how

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How to set Java_Home variable in MAC

How to set JAVA_HOME on MAC I shifted from Windows OS to MAC. And I face little time while installing and setting up JAVA_Home variable on the MAC. Searching multiple websites I find out that after MAC OS 10.5, Apple

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